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Step on How to Get Internet on a psp | Page 3 | AfterDawn Oct 23, 2005 How to Connect Your PSP to the Internet - Altered Gamer How to Connect PSP to Internet. You may have thought that to connect PSP to internet was hard, when really it is not. You can learn the basics, and perhaps connect to the internet wherever you go. This is beneficial when you need the use of the internet, but you were not sure how to connect before. How do I get internet on psp? | Yahoo Answers Aug 10, 2009 How to get the Internet on your Psp | AfterDawn Discussion

Feb 26, 2018 · I've seen many people ask why their PSP can't connect to their router however there is a few ways to get it to connect to a wireless network and I show the few online services the PSP could access

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Internet on psp needs the source obviously, it could be from your office, your home, or fast food restaurant or cafe. Wipeout Pure software is important to get internet on PSP. Ready to learn how to get Internet on PSP? Internet on PSP - Step 1 Switch on your PSP, go to system menu and then enter "Network Settings". Can I connect my Sony PSP to the Internet via USB cable May 29, 2006 Gadget sharing: Get Internet On PSP Psp wireless settings adhere to the 802.11b wireless networking protocols, probably the most common anywhere, so virtually any wireless network connection will work for this. You will also need to get hold of a copy of Wipeout:Pure, which you need to get internet on your PSP. PSP Firmware Update Brings Internet Radio Stations