Jun 17, 2020

Aug 08, 2016 How to watch BBC iPlayer without a TV Licence - Quora If you're in the U.K. it will ask you if you have a TV license (as the law has recently changed to include VOD in the license fee). Click yes. You can now watch anything on there. However if you're caught, I'm not sure how they would catch you but How to watch TV legally WITHOUT paying for a licence Feb 03, 2020

Aside from the usual license dodgers, some people have legally chosen not to buy a TV license due to increasing volumes of BBC programming being made available on its iPlayer streaming service. The iPlayer is split into two types of service – live TV and catchup. People viewing live TV, BBC1 for example, have always needed a TV license.

Jul 07, 2020

A TV licence is a legal permission to install or use television equipment to receive (i.e. watch or record) TV programmes, as they are being shown on TV or live on an online TV service, and to

How to watch 4K video online and on TV; Verdict. BBC iPlayer isn't entirely free, of course. But when the license fee amounts to less than 45p per day, and you look at the incredible range and End of the iPlayer TV licence loophole: How you can still May 13, 2016 TV licensing and IPlayer | Mumsnet You can watch iPlayer anywhere unplugged and are still covered under your home TV licence. But you need a licence. So, I have a license and that means I can watch iPlayer anywhere in the UK on my unplugged devices. If I don't have a license I can't watch iPlayer, regardless of where I am or whether my device is plugged in or not. Do I need a TV licence?: 20+ TV licence fee tips - Money