Blue Frog was a freely-licensed anti-spam tool produced by Blue Security Inc. and operated as part of a community-based system which tried to persuade spammers to remove community members' addresses from their mailing lists by automating the complaint process for each user as spam is received.

blue frog firmly believes that excellent customer experience comes from the enthusiastic and friendly service of our employees. We are always committed to providing employees with in-depth trainings, benefits protection and personal and professional development plans, ensuring that employees have the opportunities to excel their careers, and benefiting from a comprehensive mechanism of rewards. The Blue Torrent 16' Safety Rope Line Kit for Swimming Pools is a safety line set is the perfect way to alert inexperienced swimmers of the point where your pool drops off. This 1/2-inch rope connects to a floating buoy to keep it on the surface of the water and hooks to the sides of your pool to easily cordon off various sections. Websites Owners. We designed Torrents Time to fully support and enhance the needs of users on video streaming, downloads and torrents websites, while taking into consideration the needs and wants of those site owners to maximize the value they can gain from embedding our solution on their website. I’m Kimberly Gibbs and as President & CEO, I want to personally welcome you to Blue Frog Promotions. We “leap above and beyond” to exceed each of our valued customers’ expectations. Our goal is to create the kind of relationship with you that offers a consultative approach, the best selection of promotional products, and delivery Apr 08, 2011 · Blue Frog Solutions, a leading provider of Life & Annuity Order Management, Client Management and Compliance solutions for the insurance and financial sectors, announces that the company’s formal transition from Blue Frog Solutions to Aplifi is effective today.

Blue Frog expertly handles both single and multi-family property management in Green Bay and the greater Fox Valley area, including Oshkosh and Fond du Lac, Sheboygan and surrounding areas. We have invested heavily in technology because we know it helps us serve our owners and tenants more efficiently and effectively.

Blue Frog Gaming is a small team of software craftsmen, pixel perfect artists, and game enthusiasts dedicated to building great games. Our Games Build fleets of advanced ships to conquer other players and mysterious Rift missions in a rich game world with as easy to user interface.


Blue Torrent Supreme Self Priming In Ground Pool Pump 1.5 Horsepower 115V/230V Includes 115 Cord 1.5 Inch Plumbing Large Leaf Basket Strainer Cover Self-Priming 1 Year Warranty MSRP $279.00 Nov 05, 2019 · Blue Frog is our go to breakfast place for a satisfying and very good breakfast. We changed it up today. We ordered a warmed cinnamon roll for an appetizer, and shared The Original Messy Frog which is a scramble with Italian sausage, tomato, potato, bell