Jan 29, 2019

How to tell if your wireless carrier is throttling data - CNET My data speed after using 0.014GB of my limited data plan. Sarah Jacobsson Purewal/CNET In order to see how much your wireless carrier is actually throttling you, you'll need a baseline score. Cox agent confirms that they do throttle speeds - Internet My main concern isn't the fact that I'm being throttled but that Cox's written policies don't seem to coincide with applied practices. If it was in the policy from the start then I would have accepted it and moved on, and wouldn't have gone through hours of troubleshooting my connection. How to Test for Bandwidth Limiting by Your ISP: 9 Steps Jun 04, 2020

How to Stop ISP Throttling - Pixel Privacy

I think my internet is being throttled : OPTIMUM I think my internet is being throttled. I'm not sure if it is due to COVID-19, that they are throttling speeds or something, but I recently moved to a new apartment and Verizon isn't available here, so I had to switch to Optimum. I had Verizon's Gigabit internet and now have Optimum's Gigabit internet. A few weeks of using it, I immediately

Jan 31, 2020

Is my service being throttled? - Verizon Fios Community The service is terrible. My wife could not even use Netflix. So think about it, I am paying for Netflix and I am paying for lousy Internet service and can't use either. As I said in an earlier post, I am moving to Clear and the equipment should be here on Monday. I will post the results. In the past month, my DSL connection has gone down by 50%.