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The IP address we discovered using the above method is the external IP address, and that will nearly always be what you need to find out. But very occasionally you'll need to know your internal IP What Is My IP Address? Find Your Public IPv4 Address IP stands for internet protocol and is an address consisting of numbers, separated by periods, that is assigned to you by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). It is used to identify your internet connection. They are also used for domain names on the web. There are two types of IP addresses: IPv4 (e.g. and IPv6 (e.g. 0:0:0:0:0 How to Find Your Router’s IP Address on Any Computer

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How to find out my LAN IP address - Quora It’s kind of funny when you see a lot of generic, low-effort answers in a question/thread/whatever you want to call it, and most of them feel kind of forced and misleading. I usually just run a cmd prompt and input ipconfig, then hit enter. It sho How To Find Your Local And External IP Address Aug 22, 2011