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When I navigate to my url on chrome, I get The system cannot find the file specified." . I thought it might be due to automatic proxy settings on chrome. I want to explicitly turn off the proxy setting before starting chrome browser in selenium. I tried below, it isn't working. Can anyone help me How to Disable Fortinet (with Pictures) - wikiHow Feb 19, 2019 Chrome: Fix "Unable to connect to the proxy server Chrome: Fix “Unable to connect to the proxy server” By Mitch Bartlett 5 Comments Some Google Chrome users may experience a problem where they receive an “ Unable to connect to the proxy server – ERR_PROXY_CONNECTION_FAILED ” message whenever they attempt to visit a website. [SOLVED] Google Chrome proxy settings - Active Directory Sep 10, 2015

May 06, 2020

May 07, 2020 · Google Chrome's "download proxy script" message is caused by the default configuration. Chrome users who are certain that no proxy is used may disable the automatic detection to do away with the downloading proxy script message in the browser. Here is how that is done: Load chrome://settings/ in the Chrome browser's address bar.

Check Proxy Settings: To resolve this error in Chrome browser, you need to check your proxy server …

Disable proxy settings in windows 10 through registry May 06, 2020